Moan or not to moan?

Moan or not to moan?

My previous interractions on Twitter showed that some folks (especially males) see moaning as demeaning or a sign of weakness. Some said it is feminine! πŸ™„πŸ™„. One in particular said that even if the pleasure is consuming him, he’d rather die than moan.

It was only a few that openly owned up to the sweet fact they sing in various tones and tongues when properly handled.πŸ€—πŸ€—

Let’s be frank with each other, moaning is mainly a means of expression and communication. When your partner touches you the way your body loves, or handles your body parts like a pro, your natural reaction should be moans, the more pleasurable, the higher the stronger the moans.

A man moaning

Your moans show your partner what you like, how you like it. Above all, it tells him/her that they are on the right track and they can file such knowledge for future use.πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹. It will boost your partner’s ego too, knowing that their skills are effective and appreciated.

How else will your partner know that you prefer mouth job to hand job? Or that your left nipple is more sensitive than every other part of your body?

Yea, you can tell them verbally, but trust me, moaning is not just more effective, it is erotic.

If you love what they are doing to your body, express it! It doesn’t make you less of a man.

What we fail to understand is that, it mustn’t be loud moans,. You can expel low moans, groan, grunt, or moan out loud.

Even if you shout, sweetheart, it is nobody’s business, unless you are in a public property.

Give it a trial next time the sex gets to you, don’t hold it back. Most partners will appreciate you more. You too will feel the pleasure on a deeper level when you absorb it and express the feelings.

Moans are like prophesy. Prophesy to your partner to let them know what works best and what doesn’t.

Don’t fake it though. If you are not enjoying it, express your displeasure too. Don’t go pretending so that they don’t feel bad or something. Women are mostly the culprits here.

Female Orgasmic Dysfunction

Female Orgasmic Dysfunction

Female orgasmic dysfunction is a common experience for most ladies. When a female has difficulty reaching orgasm despite getting aroused, she’s experiencing orgasmic dysfunction.

There may be adequate sexual stimulation and arousal, yet no orgasm. This could be a sign of orgasmic dysfunction. It varies though.
Some take too long to reach orgasm, like needing lots of foreplay, an hour of thrusting from different positions (winks), prolonged cunnilingus, cosplay, fetish sex, and all that, before they can orgasm.

Others have never experienced orgasm at all in their lives. After an hours of foreplay and oral sex which results in copious wetness followed by penetration, tribbing, different sex positions and all the kinky stuff, and just about every sexual activity in the book, yet no orgasm. What could be more frustrating?

Or in another scenario, you get aroused and stimulated from the porn you are watching, you begin to touch your boobs and clits. As the pleasure mounts, the moans tumble out of your mouth unbidden but you are not quite there. Then you look for enhancement from your dildo. You begin to move to cloud nine, your heart beating stronger, breaths coming up faster. But just as you are thinking it will continue to build until that deep sensational feeling begins to unfurl from deep within you, the pleasure dissipates into nothing, you lose the moment.

So let us look at the 4 major types of female orgasmic dysfunction (FOD)

Female orgasmic dysfunction is also known as anorgasmia. The mode varies.

Primary anorgasmia. For those that do not experience an orgasm, you fall under this category. Despite all the kinky sex, the different experiments with various partners and all that, you do not experience any orgasm, never.

Secondary anorgasmia is second to the primary. If you have experienced orgasm sometime in the past, maybe during an orgy, a night stand, but find it difficult to achieve a repeat performance under normal circumstances, then you are under the secondary category.

General anorgasmia. Hmm, this is the most disturbing one for ladies. When one is unable to achieve orgasm no matter how hard they try, it is regarded as general anorgasmia. Masturbation, penetration, tribbing, BDSM, and so on, may produce strong arousal, stimulation and copious lubrication but never leads to orgasm.

Situation anorgasmia is the last and commonest type of anorgasmia. Many women find it difficult to orgasm but can only do so in certain specific situations. Most of us easily reach orgasm during masturbation, oral sex or when having sex with another girl.

It is possible to find solution to orgasmic dysfunction for most women. This, however, depends on the cause of the problem. Solutions can come in the form of –

– Therapy

– Deeper knowledge of one’s sexual self

– Treatment of underlying health problems

– Change in prescription

– Longer and more strategic oral sex

– Visit a gynecologist to rule out any health problem or go for treatment

– Exercise, eat healthy, drink more water

Different routes to achieve female orgasm

Different routes to achieve female orgasm

How many of us know that the clitoris and the vagina are not the only route to female orgasm? That there are other ways a woman can attain the big O? And that it is not every woman can get to the big O paradise through the clits and veejay?

Depending on the erogenous zone of the lady, which differs from woman to woman, cunnilingus for instance, can bring Laura to orgasm while only anal penetration does that for Fiona. In essence, women can orgasm from different sexual activities including sucking of nipples or tight squeezing of the laps (syntribate)!


The trick is to find the erogenous zones, learn how best to manipulate them to discover and explore the most sensitive ones. Interestingly, some ‘lucky’ women can only orgasm through the activation of aΒ  combination of clitoral/vaginal/other E-zones.

In case you don’t know it yet, a lot of women actually find it difficult to orgasm via penetration. That means that the G-spot does not do the magic for everyone. See why lots of exploration and adventure are important to your sex life?


The E-zones

Most of us know about the common erogenous zones like the nipples, the lips, clitoris, vagina, the G-spot and so on.

However, there are some that we rarely explore. Did you know that there are some females that their necks and ears are super charged, such that if properly handled, can bring them to orgasm, alone or in combination with other erogenous zones?

The E-zones can be found in various other parts of the body, including inside the wrist, the head, navel, within the walls of the vagina, inside the elbow, the anus, etc. You only need to keep exploring and you will definitely discover more about yourself or your partner.

However, it is not enough to know where to touch or suck to get her all wet and high. You need to also learn HOW to efficiently use those fingers, tongue, penis, clit/vagina or toys to activate her/your orgasm.